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Perception Reframing

Eliminate Self Defeating Behaviors and Limiting Beliefs That Keep You Stuck.

Perception Reframing: Change Your Perceptions, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality….Take Control Of Your Life!
“The World As We Have Created It Is A Process  Of Our Thinking.  It Cannot Be Changed Without Changing Our Thinking.”
                                                                       – Albert Einstein

If your goal is to create the best possible life and health for yourself then it’s vital to consider the power of your Mind and how you perceive or think about things. 

In other words, are your Perceptions supporting your daily efforts or sabotaging your daily efforts to create the health and/or life you want and deserve?

The power of our Mind is well documented through numerous scientific studies proving the Body – Mind relationship is real…AND, that there is a strong relationship between our Perceptions and the creation of our reality.

Watch this quick 70 second clip, from ‘We Are Vibrational Beings’ of Dr. Lynn Sereda, PhD – Psychologist as he poses a great question about the possibility of how our minds have been potentially infected by ‘flawed perceptions’ that are limiting what we are truly capable of overcoming, creating or becoming.

Click Here to Watch Dr. Serada Comment On The Power Of Your Mind 

As Dr. Sereda completes his commentary, he asks, “imagine if you could learn to clear that processor (your mind) to the point that it would begin to totally hum in tune with the quantum field at such a level of openness and vibratory awareness that it would begin to function at the level that it was truly designed to function at.”…..a very powerful question for sure and certainly an exciting one as well when you realize that it’s a possibility!!  How?  Perception Reframing!

Our Perceptions have a powerful impact on our entire life, including our overall health and wellness. 

Our Perceptions shape the way we think and ultimately create our outlook on life.  For example, an expansive, positive outlook on life will allow us to function with greater ease and less stress.  A limited, narrow outlook creates more stress and can impact our health and wellness in a negative way.

What we see in any situation or circumstance is quite often determined by things beyond our control, such as our circumstance, the influence of others or patterns we inherit from parents or grandparents.  All of these factors play a role in shaping our ability to perceive the world we live in.

Regardless of how our perceptions are formed, they can certainly create our reality and drive the decisions we make on both a conscious and subconscious level.

To the extent our perception is whole and expansive we gain greater choice control over our reality.

To the extent our perception is lacking or flawed we create dysfunction by holding on to opinions, beliefs, attitudes or ways of dealing with life challenges that continue to limit our ability to choose our outcomes……and this can be a major barrier in every area of our life and keep us from achieving our goals, most commonly in these areas:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Weight Problems
  • Relationships
  • Feeling ‘Stuck’ In Life
  • Money
  • Addictions, Bad Habits or Repeated Negative Behaviors
  • Anger, Sadness, Depression, Guilt, etc.. (Misunderstood Emotions)
  • Chronic Pain Syndromes
  • Work Performance
  • Athletic Performance

Usually, it’s self-defeating behaviors we wish to change and the most effective way to change a behavior is to change the perceptions or beliefs that support that behavior. 

Clinical experience indicates that most perceptions tend to remain static for significant periods of time. 

Because our perceptions create our functional reality many of us will repeat behaviors both good and bad that will create our same reality over and over again…..and this is how many people become ‘stuck’ and unable to overcome or move past common life issues such as a health challenge, weight challenge, relationship issue, money issue….etcetera.

When we are experiencing the common physical or emotional pain associated with the common life issues and are unable to overcome the habits or thoughts we know don’t support our desires or goals then that feeling of being ‘STUCK’ in our lives will cause most of us to only look for answers outside of our self.   And although there may be a component of our challenge that will benefit from something outside of our self, often times, we find that the secret to REAL and LASTING CHANGE comes from looking INSIDE…..and the development of our ‘Emotional Fitness’ through this process called “Perception Reframing” becomes a powerful tool that helps us to see our “Emotional Blind Spots”. 

Everyone has ‘emotional blind spots’, which are the things we don’t see because we lack necessary information.  That is why we can share one experience with other people and come away with multiple reports or perceptions about what happened.  Some people will report the glass as “half-full” while others report the same glass as “half-empty”.

Perception is the way we feel and think about something.  Because we perceive more than we are aware of, perception is more often ‘felt’ rather than ‘thought’ about.

Our Perceptions are closely tied to our Emotions. 

We are frequently able to sense the Emotions of others just by listening to them speak, regardless of their words. 

For example, we’ve all had that experience of asking a person, “how are you doing?”…and when they respond, you can hear in their voice that they aren’t really doing well at all….so you follow up with, “what is really going on?”….and they open up to you with an emotional response about a challenge in their life.

The fact is, the audible tones in our spoken voice are packed with subtle energetic qualities that can be measured and tracked.  These energetic qualities will change to match the subject or topic of discussion because they are a reflection of the speaker’s perception of the topic.

Utilizing our Perception Reframing Technology we are able to measure the energetic voice tones when a person is speaking about a specific subject or topic to help us identify and consider potential perception blockages in any area of their life.

Once we have identified a perception blockage, through the process of Perception Reframing, it’s possible to shift perceptions and open up new ways of looking at a life challenge and develop new beliefs that can support and improve human performance that create life changing results. 

In other words, with our Perception Reframing technology we are able to rapidly assess information tied to current beliefs and the patterns and/or programming of those beliefs to dramatically accelerate personal growth by transforming those beliefs that ‘sabotage’ you and instead help you to create ‘NEW BELIEFS’ that ‘support’ your life and health goals.

And so, this process of Perception Reframing is how we build “Emotional Fitness”. 

And when we’re ‘Emotionally Fit’ we are capable of achieving just about anything we put our minds on achieving!!!


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Carmela said, “(Perception reframing) Gets to the root of what’s going on (mentally)”