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Body N Balance Client Success Gallery

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Debbie Melton

Debbie lost  42.3 Lbs., sleeps better, has new-found energy and no longer suffers from knee pain.

Henrietta Perry

Henrietta Lost over 60 Lbs., Regained Energy & Eliminated All Medications!


James Ziebarth

James Lost 150 Lbs. and is now able to exercise (run)!


Erik Howell

Erik Lost 52 Lbs. & off of Blood Pressure medications!

Jeff White

Jeff Lost 35 Lbs., Recovered Energy, Reduced Joint Inflammation and Relieved Frequent Headaches!

Kelly O’Connor

Kelly Lost 40 Lbs. and Relieved Back Pain Issues!

Kim & Shauna Barker

Kim reversed his diabetes, lost 65 pounds and eliminated ALL of his medications!  His wife Shauna lost 35 pounds!!

MaryAnn Motza

MaryAnn Lost over 18Lbs., Reduced Visceral Fat, Regained Overall Health!

Sean & Ashley Hacket

Sean & Ashley Lost a combined weight of 69.5 Lbs., Regained Energy & Improved Sleep!

Video Gallery…