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Body N Balance

Achieve Ideal Weight, Overcome Health Challenges, Regain Energy, Improve Overall Wellness!
Body N Balance:   Restore Balance and Regain Health.
  “From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health.”  
~Catalan Proverb

Body N Balance is our foundational ‘Health and Wellness Restoration Program’. 

It is geared toward addressing the unique needs of a person and is not a treatment program for symptoms or medical conditions…..and to us, that’s why we have had such success with so many people that are suffering with so many different challenges. 

The common ‘cookbook’ approach of matching a person’s symptom to a pharmaceutical or OTC drug therapy to just treat symptoms may provide some short term benefit in the alleviation of the presenting symptom, but, is not doing anything to help the body to heal and overcome the ‘cause’ of that symptom…..and this ‘cookbook’ approach has created a lot of frustration for people as well as a model that has perpetuated ‘Insanity’!! 

What’s the definition of Insanity?  Simply, it’s when you do the same thing over and over and over again and expect a different result.

Unfortunately, when it comes to overcoming health challenges, many people are committing ‘Insanity’ daily as they attempt the ‘common cookbook’ approaches to try and overcome blood sugar problems, weight challenges, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, blood pressure challenges, indigestion or a general sense of ‘just not feeling well’.

If this sounds like you just understand that the current state of your health is simply a reflection of your body’s ability to deal with daily stressors and maintain itself in a state of good function… other words, adjust to constant changes in our external and internal environments and maintain balance. 

When your body is pulled out of balance due to chronic stressors or interferences to ‘normal’ function then you will experience the progressive loss of your health and/or well-being, manifesting in one or a multitude of symptoms and/or health challenges.

When these ‘Imbalances’ occur and health challenges arise many people, maybe even you, fall into the trap of ‘one size fits all’ common symptom chasing approaches and ‘insanity’ ensues. 

One of those common approaches is our ‘American Health Care System’, so let’s take a brief look at the ‘system’.

If you honestly remove emotion and take time to ‘Objectively’ evaluate the state of ‘health care’ in this country it can be quite an eye opening exercise.  The first thing you begin to realize is, we don’t’ really have a ‘health care system’…instead, we have what appears to be more of a ‘disease management system’ or ‘symptom management system’….in other words, this ‘system’ doesn’t really do much to empower people or help them regain their health or overall well-being.  Instead, it primarily offers the standard ‘one size fits all’ options to manage sickness and symptoms with toxic and dangerous drugs or invasive surgical procedures instead of identifying and addressing ‘causes’… reality, the ‘system’, as mentioned earlier, has become like a cookbook….in essence, just find out what symptoms the person has and then match a drug to that symptom….no wonder health is deteriorating for so many people that get hung up in this severely broken health care model.

And because of this ‘one size fits all’ approach the ‘system’ has created a society where more people in America are now taking pharmaceutical drugs than ever before… a matter of fact, prescriptions filled by pharmacies increased by 85% from 1997 to 2016, yet disease conditions continue to rise in record numbers…and those numbers do not appear to be slowing down. 

Disease conditions like diabetes is epidemic, obesity continues to rise with adults and children, heart disease remains the leading disease killer, depression and anxiety are accepted as ‘normal’,  alzheimers appears to be at a point where you have a 50/50 chance it’s going to happen to you, pain medications are creating drug addicts and an unacceptable number of overdose deaths…..and the list goes on… the conclusion we must come to is that something is seriously wrong with our supposed ‘health care system’. 

Aren’t we supposed to have the best ‘health care’ in the world? 

Based on the trends showing no improvements in overcoming diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune conditions, etc….It certainly doesn’t appear that way…..AND the scientific literature is proving it! 

Just click here to read ‘Death By Medicine’ or watch the documentary here to see just how out of hand things have gotten with the ‘system’.

‘Death By Medicine’ was published by By Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD and Dorothy Smith PhD.  Their article was “a definitive review and close reading of medical peer-review journals, and government health statistics showing that American medicine frequently causes more harm than good.” ….. The conclusion these physicians and researchers came to was…..“It is evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.”  WOW!!!

To read the “Death By Medicine” article click here

To Watch the “Death By Medicine” Documentary click here

Click Here To Listen To Dr. Cadwell’s Strategic Living Call from 8-31-17 titled ‘Too Many Meds? America’s Love Affair With Prescription Medication’, a discussion on a Consumer Reports Article about the dangers of prescription drug use.

Because of this, we at Coherence Health and Wellness decided to make it our mission to be different.  We decided to operate from a different philosophy.  To develop strategies and programs that would Educate, Empower and help people to Transform their lives and take control of their HEALTH……AND….simultaneously Lead and inspire others to do the same! 

And so, we developed the Body N Balance Program as our foundational ‘Health Restoration’ program to help people regain momentum toward improving health and wellness on a continuum we refer to and you can learn about here, that we call the biological continuum.

When you look at health, there is a biological continuum our bodies oscillate on as we move through life.  The good news is, we can consciously choose to take actions that either move us in the direction of ‘health’ or the direction of ‘sickness’ on that continuum….the challenge is, many are attempting common ‘one size fits all’ approaches and getting frustrated.  This frustration is understandable and most likely due to the fact that your unique challenges are just that…..unique to YOU. 

You see, when you do something that is ‘general’ and not specific to what your body is lacking then you most likely will not improve the ‘imbalances’ that are causing your health challenge and therefore, you will not see the long term RESULTS, if any RESULTS at all.

So what to do?

We have observed that achieving extraordinary health or disabling sickness is all about ‘MOMENTUM’. 

Functionally, our bodies are never ‘stagnant’, the body is inundated with ‘stressors’ on a daily basis that contribute to oscillations on the biological continuum and therefore can set us up for risks of developing devastating ‘IMBALANCES’ that create warning signs called ‘symptoms’, ultimately leading to disease condition’s if the ‘CAUSE(S)’ of the ‘IMBALANCES’ are not addressed.

With our Body N Balance program, we utilize Bio-Communication Technology to help us objectively evaluate your body and to assist in identifying imbalances and options to address those imbalances so we can build a personalized plan for your unique health and wellness needs.

This is counter to the common ‘one size fits all’ insanity model of our current ‘health care system’, including, fad diet programs, commonly peddled supplements and exercise routines that so many people are attempting day in and day out that cause frustrations due to little or no RESULTS.

Many of our clients initially come to us experiencing health challenges and/or frustrations associated with common symptoms like blood sugar imbalances, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, skin problems, an inability to lose weight, irritated by just being offered drugs to ‘manage symptoms’, paying for gym memberships or hiring trainers and not getting the results they want, taking supplements or trying to eat healthy but still not feeling well, etc. etc…..

 Many of these clients were under the guidance and care of ‘specialists’ or ‘experts’ who were extremely caring however, the problem in our expert opinion is, if you are working with someone who is operating from the currently broken model of ‘symptom only management’ that doesn’t address a person’s unique needs. The result is typically short term…..OR….there may be no appreciable benefit or result whatsoever. ….which creates and perpetuates the cycle of frustration and ‘Insanity’.

If this sounds like YOU and your past experiences.…. WE Completely Understand! 

Just know, we are NOT interested in participating in the ‘Insanity’ you and others are experiencing with the common ‘one size fits all’ approaches. 

Our interest is creating an ARMY of people that are tired of the status quo like we are….and instead….passionately desire to be the best version of themselves they can be by achieving Extra-Ordinary Health!   

So, if we don’t believe we can help you achieve the result you want then it certainly won’t make sense for us to work together…..we want you to go scream from the mountain tops to everyone you know about the transformation you experience with us….so that together, with you and other amazing clients, we can facilitate a mindset of change to offer a solution to a broken’ health care system’. 

Basically, we want to join arms with you and others like you that have regained their health in order to pave the way to establishing a TRUE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM….a system that is designed to not just help people Regain Their Health, BUT also Empowers them to Maintain Their Health!

And so, once again, our Body N Balance Program WAS NOT created as an option to ‘treat’ the common symptoms and disease conditions mentioned earlier…..instead, it was designed as an approach geared toward addressing individuals specific needs as it relates to imbalances that are causing or contributing to a decrease in their wellness and ultimately robbing them of their greatest asset…..Great Health!

And there is NO DOUBT that Great Health can be achieved when the Body Is In Balance…..and when the body moves back into balance, it is incredible the health challenges you will overcome and the vitality you will gain!

So…..If you’re frustrated and tired of committing ‘Insanity’ with the common ‘one size fits all’ fad diets, drugs, exercise programs, quick fix supplements, etc…..that are keeping you stuck…..and/or you’re health isn’t where you want it to be then we would be absolutely honored to meet with you to discuss those frustrations and the results and/or goals you want to achieve for your health and wellness so together we can determine if there is a good fit for you and us. 

Just call us directly or fill out the appointment request form on the website and we will happily find a time that is convenient for you. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve YOU!

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