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Detox Cleanse

Cellular & Systemic Detoxification To Support Health & Wellness

“At the core of every illness is total toxin exposure that overwhelms the body’s natural detoxification systems, decreasing function at the cellular level. These environmental & internal toxins may act suddenly or gradually over months or years.”                                    
                                                                                          ~ Dr. Cadwell
Are YOU Toxic?

Over 80,000 chemicals contribute to over 700 known toxins in our bodies….


We live in a TOXIC world AND many of us have, or currently are, ingesting foods and drinks every day that further contribute to this toxicity.

Because of this, the cells of our bodies become clogged up with toxins, acids, sugars, mucus, pus, etc.,

These toxins then cause us to lose our pep, our appetite is poor, we don’t sleep well, our complexion is bad, our eyes are dull, we suffer from aches and pains, we get nervous and irritable and begin to feel indifferent, and we begin to suffer with brain ‘fogginess’…….things just seem off.

If this describes you…or… you just want to avoid this becoming you AND help your body to function at a higher level….then clearing the body of toxins is vital!

In today’s world of poor air quality, contaminated tap water, food additives, chlorinated pools, artificial sweeteners, over-utilization of pharmaceutical and/or OTC drugs, chemicals in personal care products and foods, etc. etc…..the body WILL become overwhelmed by TOXINS……

……How Does This Happen?

Researchers estimate that there are over 80,000 chemicals that pollute our air, food, personal care and home cleaning products.

Because of this…..these researchers estimate that the average person (people like all of us) has more than 700 known toxins ‘lodged’ in their bodies organ systems.
These toxins, left unchecked and ‘stuck’ in the bodies tissues can contribute to chronic illnesses, weight gain and a decrease in our overall health and well-being…..leading to more serious health challenges.

What To Do?

Adopting a focus on being healthy means that we do things to improve or support good function of our body…..and some simple things to do are drinking filtered water along with eating real food and utilizing live source supplementation loaded with minerals and fuels the body can use to heal and work more efficiently.…

… addition…..regular exercise and reading or listening to materials loaded with good positive mental nutrition is vital as well!

…..if we do these things….we can take it a step further and support our bodies ability to function at a high level by periodically detoxifying in order to clear the build-up of potentially toxic interferences to our bodies normal function…..toxins that can ultimately lead to poor health, weight gain, fatigue, decreased libido, body pain, blood sugar problems, digestive issues, etc….

And so….one of the best ways to support our overall health is by detoxifying our body and clearing out the accumulation of health interfering chemicals and microbes that can create unwanted health challenges and/or weight gain……this detoxifying of your body allows you to ‘re-boot’ your body….kind of like your computer when it starts running slow.

…..and let’s be honest, we all tend to drink and eat things periodically throughout the year that may not be the best for our bodies healthy function.
Therefore…..a good detoxification program to ‘clear the gunk and chemicals from your organs, tissues and cells …can be of great benefit.

Making the commitment to live a healthy lifestyle will pay huge dividends down the road because if you simply commit to being healthier and making healthier choices, you’ll naturally lose weight, improve your blood sugars, get better sleep and see an increase in your energy….along with a multitude of other health benefits.

So……if you’re in fact one of those people committed to living a healthy life it is imperative that you periodically clear your body of the “cellular garbage” that will accumulate and ultimately affect your overall health and well-being.

Doing a healthy detoxification is a great way to support the bodies desire to be healthy!
And if you’re really ‘anal’ about great health like we are, then doing a couple cleanses a year will really create the best opportunity for you to maintain a healthy weight and achieve an extraordinary life and insanely great health!!

… other words, 1 to 2 cleanses a year WILL pay huge health dividends… set 2 dates during the year to detoxify…..for example, one in the First Quarter and another in the 3rd Quarter of each year.

How Can I Detoxify?

If you’re ready to clear those toxins here are 2 of our most popular, and simple, detoxifying programs.

  1. Our 7 Day Advanced Cleanse – whole body, digestive and intestinal cleanse. The Digestive System is referred to as our “2nd Brain” (The Enteric Nervous System)…… is so ABSOLUTELY Vital to overall health and wellbeing. Poor digestion and elimination are often at the crux of poor health and weight challenges. **
  2. Our Basic Liver/Gallbladder Flush – Liver/Gallbladder flushes are used to stimulate elimination from the body, to open the blood and lymph flow to the liver, to increase bile flow and to support overall liver functioning. Liver/Gallbladder flushes will help cleanse your liver “filter”….an organ vital to good health! **
    If you’re ready to clear the cellular ‘sludge’ then call us with questions. We would love the opportunity to help you achieve the Vibrant Health YOU Deserve!!!
    ** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product/cleanse is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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