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Type 2 Diabetes

Empowering Type 2 Diabetics To Overcome Their Diabetes Nightmare

FREE eBook Empowers Frustrated Type II Diabetes Sufferers Who Are Ready To Take Back Control AND….Get Educated About Why…..
“Your Type 2 Diabetes Doesn’t Have To Be A Life Sentence.”

If you’ve “tried everything” to solve your Type 2 Diabetes nightmare and “nothing has worked”… you’ve come to the right place.

If an approach to your challenge with Type 2 Diabetes that is focused on solutions that include educating and empowering you to live a long healthy life with  NO DRUGS & NO NEEDLES is what you’ve been wishing for… then your wish is about to come true.

Congratulations on arriving at this web page, where countless clients have begun their relatively SHORT journey from DOOMED DIABETIC to at least HEALTHY DIABETIC to at most FORMER DIABETIC

If you’re frustrated and just plain tired of the poor results you are getting with the traditional management  of your diabetes along with the potential physical limitations and mental strain diabetes can put on you….. And you’ve realized that just trying to manage the symptoms of your diabetes just doesn’t work… than you truly owe it to yourself and your family to receive our


Get Your FREE Guide To Diabetes entitled “Your Type II Diabetes Doesn’t Have To Be A Life Sentence”


As long time advocates for people like you (or your loved one) that is suffering the often assumed “life sentence” of diabetes… we’ve created this valuable jam packed EBook to share with you the latest strategies that will empower you to realize that you can do something that will get you the results you deserve and desire, ultimately eliminating your frustrations which have been created by the traditional diabetes treatment approaches that have not offered solutions to the CAUSE and therefore created the Frustration of not seeing your condition improve.

AND for most of you, unfortunately, doing the traditional drug management therapies has just allowed the problem to spiral downhill and can even be causing your health to potentially worsen……more on this to come.

Some of our FORMER diabetes sufferers even requested this very EBook you are about to receive because they were frustrated by their continual lack of results with conventional approaches. They’d been told that their diabetes was “hopeless”. They were told there was “nothing that could be done” other than try to exercise, change their diet and prepare for life-long drug dependence.

Most people who request our FREE eBook have already been under traditional and sometimes extensive medical care….and in spite of it all they still suffer with diabetes and many of the associated health challenges that occur as a result of the progression of their diabetic condition.

We pride ourselves on helping this type of person overcome their frustrations and the lack of results from conventional treatments focused on treating the symptoms of diabetes.

We have had success helping people like you after conventional treatments have failed? 

First and foremost we are not going to participate in the “Insanity” of symptom chasing that the traditional approach is focused on. We are NOT going to treat your symptoms of diabetes because we don’t treat medical conditions! 

What?….You Say!


Are you feeling confused?    

If so, we completely understand. Many people that are frustrated by the lack of health improvements with traditional drug management have been duped (by savvy marketing from the pharmaceutical drug companies – and the misinformation it perpetuates) into believing that the diagnosis of a health challenge, like type 2 diabetes, is the RESULT of you having a lack of some synthetic drugs running through your blood stream…..HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?!?! 

Good health or regaining your good health doesn’t come from a brown bottle loaded with synthetic drugs. Instead, regaining your health is about removing the CAUSE of why your health is declining….and as you’ll see shortly, there is information showing us that using drugs, especially in the case of Type 2 Diabetes management, can have devastating effects on your overall health and well-being!

You see, if you are reading this then either you or a loved one is suffering with diabetes and most likely very frustrated with the traditional model that DOES claim to treat diabetes symptoms and even in some cases claim to offer a potential cure to people like you or your loved one.

However, as you’ve probably already figured out, the reality is…..this traditional system of symptom treatment for your diabetes is MISSING THE BOAT.


The reality of traditional drug management is that drugs ARE NOT fixing the real reason your body is no longer able to keep your blood sugars under control the way it was designed to.

This means the traditional Long Term Drug Management for your diabetes allows problems to persist and frequently leads to the need for More Drugs, including Insulin, for a large number of people. EVEN WORSE, this traditional model of trying to manage your diabetes can be very dangerous.

Don’t Believe Us…..Click on the link below to check out this Review of the literature showing how ineffective the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes can be with traditional drug therapy…we think you might be surprised.

Click This Link To Check It Out

Although the drugs may have some short term benefit, which might be extremely important in certain cases, the issue with the drugs is that they are not nutrients or fuels that help the body to heal and overcome the cause of the blood sugar problem and regain its inherent ‘natural’ functions to control blood sugars. 

These drugs instead, over the long run will lead to more imbalances in the body and frequently cause additional side effects and/or health issues that require more drugs to manage the symptoms of those side effects……and ultimately, your health and diabetes spirals out of control and you don’t know how to get out of this downward spiral and regain your health.

AND OH By The Way… discovered in the review of the literature you saw in the above link…..these drugs can increase your risk of DEATH from heart related cardiac events and all other causes.

Click Here To Check Out Dr. Sultan, Vascular Surgeon’s, Video on The Dangers Of Statin Drugs Frequently Recommended To Diabetics

So you see, long term drug use is like fighting the ‘smoke’ (symptom – like high blood sugars) that is created by a ‘fire’ (cause – reason blood sugars are high).  The smoke is bothersome so you get fans (drugs) to blow the smoke (symptom) away but the fire (cause) continues to burn (not addressed) and create more smoke (symptoms)…and so you are never able to get rid of the fans (drugs)….

Although the smoke disappears for a while with fans running, as soon as you turn the fan off, the smoke is back. WHY Is That?  We know it’s a dumb question, but we ask it to state the obvious…..

Because the fire (cause) has never been addressed or extinguished and ultimately, the Fire (cause), which never got addressed, burns the house down (steals your health)……In other words, the drugs ARE NOT FIXING the CAUSE of your blood sugar problem!


Instead, what you’ll learn in our EBook is that we are simply going to employ proven strategies with people who are candidates for what we do that will help the body to heal…NATURALLY…without the use of Drugs, Hormones or Needles. 

And when we employ an approach that is based on your body’s specific needs without the use of drugs, hormones or needles, the Results you have been praying for will begin to happen relatively fast, requiring most of our clients to begin working with their physician to reduce their drugs within the first 1 to 2 weeks of starting an action plan with us. 

For many of our clients, these quick results seem unbelievable due to all of the past failures they’ve experienced with traditional approaches…..but the truth is, our bodies will respond really quickly when we address the real cause of the problem by employing strategies and actions to allow your body to overcome the cause that is creating the blood sugar symptoms….and this will allow for ‘natural’ healing to occur from the inside out. 

How does that happen after years of frustration? 

Most people ask this question after years of failures, even when they’ve done everything they were told to do by the ‘experts’….and these failures after ‘expert’ guidance over the years has created a state of ‘Skepticism’ and sometimes ‘Hopelessness’ that anything will ever help them.

And you know what….we absolutely don’t blame you for being ‘Skeptical’….failure under the guidance of so called ‘experts’ would make us skeptical as well.

BUT….because you are reading this, we assume that you might still have hope….SO THE GOOD NEWS IS…..since your body has a strong desire to be healthy, if we remove the causes of ‘why’ it is ‘unhealthy’ then it will respond pretty darn fast. 

We have always told our clients that the ‘Best Doctor Is Already Within All Of Us, All We Have To Do Is Remove The Interferences Causing The Problem And That Doctor Will Go To Work And The Healing Will Happen From The Inside Out’….

….and that’s the secret….you see, you have most likely been taking a purely ‘Outside In’ approach to your diabetes and that is why you have not achieved the Results you want and deserve.  The Results you desire are going to come by doing things that heal YOU from the ‘Inside’ and address the CAUSE!

Right now, you are reading this and probably feeling more FRUSTRATED as you’ve most likely been suffering for months or years with diabetes and now we are telling you that our clients experience results in the first 1 to 2 weeks that require them to work with their physician to reduce their drugs because they are improving so quickly.

Click here to request your Free eBook

You should be…..FRUSTRATION comes from past failures…..and most likely, you have been in the traditional model and only been getting the ‘smoke’ treated, which means you’ve not had the ‘Results’ to this point that you want….and on top of that, you’ve been in the ‘Traditional Model’ that you thought and were most likely told was the answer to your Diabetes…but now, months or years later you’ve come to the conclusion that that just isn’t true.  And so, being FRUSTRATED….and even Skeptical…..of anything working for you at this time is certainly understandable.

The good news is, we have worked with a lot of ‘frustrated’ and skeptical people just like you over the years. 

And so, we are not going to try and convince you of anything.  Instead, when you read our FREE eBook, you will gain the confidence necessary to come in and sit down with us so that together we can discuss your challenges, frustrations, goals and the ultimate Result you Desire.

 And Results are what is important….we know that if you are reading this then no one has effectively worked with you to extinguish the ‘fire’ so that your body can heal and overcome the reasons why it has lost its NATURAL ability to manage its blood sugars as it was designed to do……in other words, no one has led you in the direction of getting the RESULTS you want!

You see, your Type 2 Diabetes is NOT due to the fact that you were born with a shortage of Metformin or some other ‘synthetic’ drug running through your blood stream.

Your Type 2 Diabetes is simply a reflection of Imbalances in your body that has caused your body to lose its ‘Normal Functions’ as it relates to blood sugar regulation.

When imbalances in your body exist and continue unchecked day after day after day….never getting addressed, then the result will be a health challenge or symptom of some sort…..

….in your case….the symptom you are having is ‘Uncontrolled Blood Sugars’ which has been given the name Type 2 Diabetes…..and the ‘standard of care’ as dictated by the powers that be is an approach designed to just manage people’s symptoms with Synthetic Drugs…..

 …..symptoms that are commonly associated with ‘Functional Issues” related to imbalances in the body that have caused your body to lose its ability to properly manage blood sugars.….and in MOST cases, when you correct the cause of those Imbalances your body can overcome the symptom or health challenge which can then lead to the elimination of or a dramatic reduction in the need for drugs to manage symptoms.

So you see……

…..we are NOT treating your diabetes….you’re currently doing that or have done that already and that is why you are Frustrated….and we certainly don’t want to perpetuate that Frustration by continuing to participate in the ‘Insanity’ of that model or doing something that you’ve already done that isn’t working for you.

Instead, our approach is about YOU….and addressing the Imbalances that exist for YOU and your body. 

When we do this, your body can ultimately do the healing and function improves….. And when Function improves the ‘smoke’ (symptom) no longer needs to be treated/managed because the ‘Fire’ (cause) has been extinguished.

So, if you’re ready to finally address the ‘Fire’ then you owe it to yourself to read our FREE eBook entitled… “Your Type II Diabetes Doesn’t Have To Be A Life Sentence” through this Instant Delivery opportunity.

We are confident that once you read it you will have that ‘a-ha’ moment that just might be the first step toward you taking back control of your life and health…once and for all.

If after reading our FREE eBook you decide you would like to come and meet with us to see if we are ‘Fit’ for working together and to discuss how we might be able to help you then we want to once again reassure you that our protocols are painless, and most definitely involve absolutely NO Drugs and  NO insulin ‘loaded’ needles of any kind.

Also, if we can’t help you, we will tell you that too.  You see, our priority is to achieve the Result a person desires.  If we can’t deliver the Results you want then it will make no sense for us to move forward…..we rely heavily on referrals and we know that if we don’t deliver RESULTS then we won’t see the Referrals…’s really that simple, if we help you, we know that you most likely will know someone else we might be able to help as well…..and helping people take back control of their life and health is what we LOVE TO DO!!!!

Find Great Peace Of Mind From What You Discover.

To learn how you might GET YOUR LIFE BACK from the degenerative clutches of your type 2 diabetes then take immediate action right now and request YOUR own personal copy of our FREE eBook Guide To Diabetes entitled… “Your Type II Diabetes Doesn’t Have To Be A Life Sentence”

To Your Health,

The Coherence Health And Wellness Team

Professor Sherif Sultan, Vascular Surgeon, Discusses Dangers Of Statin Drugs Frequently Recommended to Diabetics

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Get Your FREE Guide To Diabetes entitled “Your Type II Diabetes Doesn’t Have To Be A Life Sentence”

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