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Functional Bloodwork

Improve Health & Wellness By Understanding The Body's Unique Bio Chemistry

Functional Bloodwork Analysis

Regardless Of Our Age, Life Is Best When We Are Experiencing Extra-Ordinary Health.  Answer these question:

  1. Are you experiencing the Life and Health You Desire and Deserve?
  2. Are you healthy enough to enjoy everything that life has to offer?

At Coherence Health And Wellness we offer a Functional approach to Blood Work Analysis.

We offer a variety of blood work options that can be as simple as just checking your A1-C …or as detailed as performing a comprehensive blood work profile.

blood work analysisUtilizing blood work, problem areas can be identified and carefully documented so that proactive measures may be taken to help you attain optimal health and improved function…..this will then be spelled out for you with a Comprehensive Functional Health Report.

Staying with our philosophy of working to improve ‘Function’ of the body – Physically, Organically and Emotionally – we can utilize blood work to identify biochemical imbalances that will help us to see where your body’s challenges may lie in terms of ‘Dys-Function’, and therefore, causing or contributing to your health challenge or unwanted symptoms.

Once we have the results of your lab data we can generate your Functional Health Report.

A Functional Health Report takes your lab data and analyzes it to help you understand what’s going on inside your body.  Like a finger print, people are individuals with unique biochemical characteristics.  Even for people with the same condition, their contributing imbalances may be very different. That’s why for optimal results, health decisions should incorporate understandable, actionable information about your biochemistry. That is exactly what The Functional Health Report does. 

In other words, your Functional Health Report provides information on your specific needs and doesn’t lump you into a diagnostic category, and then based on that diagnostic category recommend drugs just like everyone else would get that has that same medical diagnosis (i.e….all individuals diagnosed as Diabetic get pretty much the same approach in terms of drug therapy in a conventional medical practice). 

That being said, we are not in the business of treating medical conditions, and that is the beauty of your Functional Health Report.  Disease or unwanted symptoms in the body is often a reflection of imbalance, and the imbalances you have that may be causing your ‘sugar dysregulation’ problems may be completely different from the imbalances of another person that is also having ‘sugar dysregulation’ problems.  Two people, same challenge but different reasons for their challenge.  And so, to get a desirable result for those 2 people, they MUST be addressed uniquely based on their specific ‘biochemical imbalances’.

As an example case, A 49 year old male…..

showed a number of classic magnesium deficiency signs, but a standard blood test showed his magnesium was in the normal range.  His Functional Health Report revealed he needed to maintain a higher dose of magnesium to remain healthy.  He increased his magnesium intake.  Within days, his fatigue vanished, the dark circles under his eyes began to fade, his blood pressure lowered, his HDL levels rose, and his blood sugar control improved.

And that is the power of A Functional Health Report.  It’s like talking directly to your body. Your Functional Health Report helps you understand: 

  • Where you are: Explains what your lab results mean and relates each recommendation back to specific biochemical imbalances.
  • How you’re doing: An early warning system identifying imbalances when they are meaningful, not just critical.
  • Your next steps: Ranks imbalances so you can focus on what is most important; recommends further testing based on your current lab results; and provides special alerts where your lab results may require special attention.
  • Your progress: Tracks results to see how well your diet and supplemental support is working.
  • Your personalized Health Improvement Plan: Identifies your body’s unique biochemical pattern and makes specific, scientifically based recommendations.

Every recommendation is based on your body’s unique biochemistry and is sourced from published medical research.

Personalized Information = Better Decisions

What critical health information might you be missing?

health reportStudies show health issues stem from biochemical imbalances. In fact, each “disease” is really a specific pattern of biochemical imbalances. Your Functional Health Report works by analyzing results from your lab data.  It identifies your body’s unique biochemical patterns and makes specific, scientifically based recommendations.

This will allow you to:

  • Understand your nutritional deficiencies and which supportive supplements could help you.
  • Save you time and money by purchasing only what your body is telling you it needs.
  • Allow you to enjoy peace of mind that you are not accidentally harming yourself.

So….How do you know if you’re truly healthy?

Many problems show up in the blood long before you actually “feel” symptoms… for example…

Did you know…. How you feel is no indication of how healthy you are?

Did you know…. You can have just 20% kidney or liver function left, yet show virtually no symptoms.

Did you know….Your body will break down muscle, bone and other body tissue in order to free up nutrients for more important bodily processes when you have nutritional deficits?

Did you know….Certain tests can identify environmental toxicities and their effect on your health?

Did you know….Using objective laboratory testing allows our Team to evaluate your unique results & identify emerging health challenges, before it’s too late?

The Fact Is……Certain tests, when read properly, can indicate how to best support your body before serious illness develops and even after you’ve developed a health challenge you want to work to resolve. 

The SECRET…….Early detection and correction are key elements to living a healthy life…, we look forward to serving your nutritional needs and empowering you to live a high energy and vibrant life.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health goals!

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