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Life N Balance

Support For A Lifestyle Of Extraordinary Health & Vitality

‘Life N Balance’: An Extraordinary Life Is Only Possible With Extraordinary Health.
 “The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.” 
– Harry J. Johnson

The above quote is absolutely true, simple and profound.  However, most people’s belief in the above statement and their body’s ability to heal has been taken away.  Why is that?

The challenge we have today is that unfortunately, due to a constant barrage of stressors that are physical, chemical and emotional the body frequently gets overwhelmed and because of the ‘Standard American Diet’, ‘fad’ diets, contaminated water, ‘dirty’ personal care products, chronic use of OTC or pharmaceutical drugs, etc….the body is unable to successfully adjust to maintain ‘balance’ and optimal function. 

In other words, these stressors create interferences to our body’s function and instead of dealing with the cause of the interferences and supporting the body in its effort to heal and work as it was designed, we are told to take synthetic chemicals, in the form of drugs to manage symptoms of imbalance, and these drugs have no nutrient value and/or necessary ‘fuels’ to help our body’s heal.  Instead, these drugs frequently create more imbalances and interferences to the body and keep it from healing.   When this happens, the person begins to lose their sense of well-being and experience increasing episodes and/or symptoms associated with poor health or declining health.

Through our Body N Balance Program we have been absolutely blessed to witness life and health transformations of people that were suffering with health challenges such as chronic fatigue, digestive issues, an inability to lose weight no matter what they tried, blood sugar problems, skin problems, chronic muscle and join pain, chronic headaches…..and the list of symptoms goes on.

So to say that it’s an absolute honor and blessing to help people overcome these common symptoms, regain their life and health and be a part of their journey toward empowerment and transformation after years of frustration with failed attempts based on the ‘common approaches’ would be a monumental understatement!

Because of this, we felt it was necessary to create a program that could support these people that decided to live a life of extraordinary health. 

This became even more apparent as we witnessed so many people overcome chronic health challenges from our Body N Balance Program…..once they completed their BNB program the statement/question we began to get from everyone was…..

…”I feel better than I have felt in years/decades and I don’t want to ever go back to where I was.  What can I do to make sure I maintain these amazing improvements and this feeling of great health I now have back?”……

It was this question that became our inspiration for creating Life N Balance.

As we mentioned above, realizing that our bodies are bombarded each day with physical and emotional stressors that can create Imbalance, it is imperative that we take actions to support our body in its daily effort to maintain itself in a state of Balance, good function….and ultimately good health.

This type of thinking is counter to the current system of ‘sickness/symptom management’, which essentially is telling people to not worry about their health until they are sick or have a symptom…..and once that symptom or sickness develops, just take a synthetic drug to manage the sickness or symptom. 

We understand that drugs can certainly help, and may even be an absolute necessity in certain circumstances, however, it is our belief that none of us was born with a shortage of some drug running through our blood stream and that is why we have a health challenge. 

So, if a drug is used, we believe that the use should be short term, 99% of the time, while you address the underlying cause….and if you do that, the body will Heal and the need for the drug to manage a symptom that is no longer there will go away…..make sense?

Unfortunately, too many people have been dogmatically programmed to believe that their body cannot heal and they MUST take drugs for the rest of their life.

Our experience has proved otherwise.

So, let’s review…..the continual barrage of ‘stressors’, left unchecked, will ultimately accomplish their mission of interfering with our body’s natural health promoting functions, leading to health challenges, such as fatigue, blood sugar challenges, insomnia, digestive issues, weight gain, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer, musculoskeletal pain…..and the list goes on.

As these stressors accumulate and begin to affect our body’s ability to maintain its desired state of Balance, then we will see the 3 main systems of Health Function become Imbalanced.  These 3 main systems of function are:

  1. Physical Health Function
  2. Organic Health Function
  3. Emotional Health Function.

To View the video of Dr. Cadwell reviewing ‘Functional Health Care’ vs. ‘Symptom Based Care’ Click Here.

When Balance or ‘Coherence’ of these 3 systems is interrupted or interfered with we will begin to experience symptoms.  Again, those symptoms, whether fatigue, insomnia, blood sugar problems, weight gain, headaches, muscle/joint pain, depression/anxiety, increased blood pressure, etc….are simply an attempt by your body to speak to you and warn you that there is an Imbalance!

Think of these symptoms like the ‘check engine’ light on your car… When the ‘check engine’ light comes on (the symptom) I’m sure your mechanic doesn’t tell you to just cover that light with a little piece of cardboard so you can’t see the red light….in other words, the mechanic realizes that the check engine light isn’t the problem, its simply an indicator that there is a problem, and although it might be an annoyance to you, just covering it up doesn’t solve the reason it came on.  And so, the mechanic finds the reason the light is on and then addresses that cause and the light goes off.

Unfortunately, in America today, many people are just being told to ‘cover the check engine light’ when it comes to their health instead of addressing why the ‘check engine light (symptom) has presented itself and they are being told to use ‘band-aid’ methods to just cover the annoyance without addressing the cause.

In other words, we have gotten to a point where the utilization of ‘patented chemical drug’ interventions for dealing with symptoms of the body has become the accepted standard in America…..and that being tired, feeling unhealthy, getting arthritis, etc…is just a part of ‘aging’ and you should accept feeling worse as you age AND accept just taking drugs to manage those symptoms..….we respectfully disagree.

Our Life N Balance Program was designed to assist your body’s desire to be in Balance while empowering you along the way to create a life filled with extra-ordinary Health and Vitality.

Many or our clients that overcame health challenges on our Body N Balance program have made the transition to Life N Balance and they are bringing their families along for the ride. 

In other words, we have children who are utilizing Life N Balance to support their health and wellness….and we LOVE IT!!!  These clients who are introducing their children to a life filled with abundant health are an absolute inspiration to us.

And isn’t it time to empower our children as well so that they do not become a statistic of sickness and disease….it’s no secret that we are at a crossroads in this country where the current trends, if we don’t make changes, will see our children live shorter lives than their parents.  This, in our opinion, is absolutely unacceptable!!

Because of this, we at Coherence Health and Wellness feel that the time has come to ask ourselves better questions, which can in turn help us get better answers, which then may lead us to make different decisions or seek alternative solutions for our personal health and our family’s health. 

At Coherence Health and Wellness we want to offer YOU and Your Family an alternative to the all too common drugs and surgeries. 

We would be honored to support you and/or your family in your mission to achieve Extraordinary Health and Wellness. 

Welcome to our ‘Life N Balance’ Program.