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Your Success Is Our Success

Unity Is Strength…

When There Is Teamwork And Collaboration, Wonderful Things Can Be Achieved.

                                                                                                                  –Mattie Stepanek

The number one key to achieving your specific health goal(s) is of course your desire or willingness to do what it takes in order to achieve those goals…..BUT, identifying the right person or people to be a part of YOUR Team who will serve and/or assist you on your journey to the attainment of your goals is a close second.

At Coherence Health and Wellness you will find a Team of people that are passionate about helping people. 

We realize that you may be frustrated with past attempts at regaining your health or achieving specific health goals and so there may be a sense of skepticism that ‘we’ or ‘anyone’ or ‘anything’ at this point can help you.

We UNDERSTAND that skepticism!

Many of our Team members experienced the same skepticism as clients, just like you, before joining our Team… we are certain you will find people on our Team who are interested in helping you get the RESULT you Desire and Deserve!

To do that we focus on, and take pride in, being ‘Subject Matter Experts’ in the services we offer…which we believe, is the reason we have seen such amazing success with so many people over the years.

As ‘Subject Matter Experts’ we find tremendous benefit in Educating our clients…..and Educating isn’t about convincing.   Instead, Educating is about including you in on our perspective or knowledge base so we can build a common, mutual understanding about the health Issue(s) that has frustrated you and then clearly defining the Result you want to achieve.

Dr. Todd Cadwell, D.C. – Clinic Director

Undergraduate degree in Psychology. Doctor Of Chiropractic – Magna Cum Laude. Elected To Pi Tau Delta Academic Fraternity, Received Virgil V. Strang Philosophy Award, Active In Post Graduate Program to earn Diplomate Of American Board Of Chiropractic Internists (300 hour post graduate program).
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Brad Gilman – Chief Operating Officer

I was born in Illinois and was brought up in West Central Indiana. I am a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, BBA Accounting 1998.


Emily Cadwell – Client Liaison

I have been a client liaison since 2014 and I love my job. I am the proud mother of two beautiful girls and one pooch.


Anthony Marquez – Director of Technical Procedures/ Procurement/ Maintenance

Anthony started working with Dr. Cadwell in 2013, as an X-Ray Tech. Now, he wears many hats (IT, Network, Website Developer, Fix-it-All, Problem Solver, Editor, Trainer and Supplies).

Khampha Keodonexay – Director of  Marketing and Wellness Coach 

My name is Khampha, I am 36 years old, married and I have a 13 year old daughter. I am passionate about the outdoors! I love hiking, biking, running, traveling and exploring.

Maria “Lupe” Lopez – Office Admin & Client Support 

Hello my name is Lupe I was raised in California and then moved to colorado I have been working in the Coherence team as a Medical Assistant for 3 years.

Monica Trap – Office Admin & Client Support 

Monica is a BCA Technician, Support Staff, Administrative Assistant, AromaTherapy Tech and has been with Coherence since 2016.

Rhonda Weekly – Personal Client Liaison

My name is Rhonda and I serve you as a Personal Client Liaison.  I absolutely love being in contact with Clients on a daily basis and I know that Coherence Health and Wellness can make major changes in those who follow the plan. Being a part of this team is amazing!! 

Jae VanOrsdale – Wellness Coach 

Jae is a Wellness Coach with Coherence Health and Wellness. She is completing her degree this semester. Her major is Biology with a minor in Integrative Health Care. She is just beginning her family and loves to be outdoors and enjoys the practice of meditation.

Trish Guajardo – Wellness Coach & Office Lead 

It is my honor to support others in their health restoration goals, as I continue on my own journey to better heath. ​

Shana Henson – Wellness Coach & Office Lead 

I’m originally from Iowa, I’ve lived in Denver for the past 16 years and call Colorado home. I enjoy healthy cooking, hiking, and playing with my black golden doodle pup, Rosie.​