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Myths About Type II Diabetes

Myths about Type II Diabetes

Feeling frustrated with the traditional drug therapies to manage your type II Diabetes?

Feel as though these drugs are allowing the problem to spiral downhill?

Living with a fear of these drug therapies causing your health to potentially worsen?

Been told that your type II diabetes is hopeless and that nothing could be done, except to exercise, diet, and prepare for long term drug use?

Don’t live trapped in the insanity, Type II diabetes does NOT have to be a life sentence!

So, what are physicians telling patients about Type II diabetes and what do you choose to believe?

We can help you clear some things up!

Myth #1 Type II diabetes is passed on through your genes

Could you be predisposed to Type II diabetes? Sure, but does it have to be the lifestyle choice you make? It does not. Your choices are your freedom. Your lifestyle is your freedom. A healthy diet, exercise regimen and mental state are what determine that genetic expression.

Myth #2 Type II diabetes is irreversible

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten” this quote is exactly why diabetics, stay diabetic. Take these drugs, they say, we can cover up the symptoms temporarily, they don’t say and you will need these drugs forever, they say. Oh, the lies you are told by physicians! Type II Diabetes IS reversible, one must believe in the body’s ability to heal itself, dot get caught up in this myth about your health!

Myth #3 Drugs are THE answer

“There is an ILL for every Pill” If drugs were the answer there would be a cure by now. The industry is a multimillion dollar industry, money spent on researching new pharmaceuticals to the money you spend to buy those pharmaceuticals. Hippocrates, the great philosopher of western medicine even said “Don’t make money off the sick” Food for thought, are headaches caused by “aspirin deficiency”? Is cancer caused by “chemotherapy deficiency”? Is an infection caused by an “antibiotic deficiency”? OF COURSE NOT.  This is how Diabetes medications are used. With help from a coach at Coherence Health and Wellness we can work towards regaining your health AND personal power back!

Myth #4 Traditional diabetes treatments are effective

“Effective” What is your goal here? Is it to keep your blood sugar under control, or is it to reduce or eliminate your need for drugs all around? Let’s be clear that some approaches, when administered properly, are FAR BETTER and FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than what the traditional drug management approach is doing for most Type 2 Diabetics.

4 Critical factors we at Coherence Health and Wellness address include:

  1. Resolve Hormone, Metabolic and Organ System Imbalances
  2. Identify Specific Foods, Minerals and Nutritional Support
  3. Elimination of Toxins in the Body
  4. Activities for Metabolic Healing

For more information you can contact a coach at Coherence Health and Wellness, You can also download our E book from our website! Visit us at and gain back control and power of your life!

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